How Far Can a Skunk Spray to Get You Sprayed?

how far can a skunk spray

Have you ever wondered how far a skunk spray? This interesting question will give you an interesting answer as well. Well, this small animal apparently has great control over his spray. It can reach up to 10 feet distance. The spray that the skunk produces basically comes from its anal glands which are found underneath its tail. And you know what? The skunk doesn’t use its spray for offensive action. Instead, it uses the spray for a defensive situation. So, it only sprays when it feels cornered or threatened by its enemy. Let’s learn about the spray mechanism of this animal and anything more about its nature.

Skunks are nocturnal animals, that means they will search for food at night and sleep in dens lined with leaves during the day. Before a skunk releases its spray, it usually gives warning to its enemy by stomping its front feet on ground, hissing, raising the tails and squealing. When the enemy doesn’t have the urge to attack skunk and decides to leave, then the skunk will not release its spray. However, when the enemy insists on attacking or threatening skunk, it will release the spray. Do you wonder how many times can a skunk spray? Skunk can usually release up to 8 stingy sprays. Even the baby skunks can already spray even though they haven’t opened their eyes yet. So, spraying is a part of the skunk’s nature.

Despite not being harmful, the scent of the spray will last for few days. It can also give burning sensation in the mouth, nose and also eyes. This apparently has made a lot of predators reluctant to make an attack on skunk unless they cannot find other food to eat. So, the skunk is the last option to attack for eating.

Nature of A Skunk’s Spray

  • Skunk’s stripes point out its sprayers location – You may ever wonder to where the skunk’s stripes point to. Well, you may have guessed it right. The stripes point out the location of the sprayers’ location. Its stripes are positioned perfectly to highlight its ability to spray any potential threats or enemy. Although still, the skunk prefers not to spray unless in an urgent situation.
  • Smelly spray for nocturnal – Do you ever wonder why skunk develops spray as a defense mechanism instead of another mechanism? Well, here is the answer. Skunk is a nocturnal mammal. The nocturnal animal doesn’t face as many dangers as the animals awake during the day. So, a skunk is less vulnerable to attacks. This is the reason why their defense mechanism is not deadly. Since it is considered an individual animal, it is also at fewer risks for terrestrial attacks.
  • Flammable skunk spray – You may not even know that the spray coming from the skunk is highly flammable. Well, so many people are not aware of this. That is because the skunk contains certain chemical weapon known as thiols. Thiols are sulfur-based compounds that are usually found in onions and garlic. And it is as flammable as alcohol. So, make sure you do not get close to fire if you happened to get sprayed by a skunk.

Suppose you have just been accidentally sprayed by a skunk, you should know the right skunk spray removal. So, you know that simply water and soap cannot get rid of it. Instead, you have to use certain kind of chemical substance. In this case, what you need are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix these two substances with water and then rub it on your clothes. For better result, soak the clothes in the mixture of these two substances and leave for an hour or so before washing it with detergent. Well, hopefully, your question about how far can a skunk spray has been answered with the explanation above.

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