How To Care English Angora Rabbit Easily

english angora care

The English Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. It is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, Turkey, along with the Angora cat and goat. The rabbits were popular pets with French royalty in the mid-1700s and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century. They first appeared in the United States in the early 1900s. They are bred largely for their long wool, which may be removed by shearing, combing, or plucking. There are many individual breeds, four of which are ARBA recognized. They are English, French, Giant, and Satin. Other breeds include German, Chinese, Swiss and Finnish, to name a few. So, how to care for English Angora rabbits?

Care of the English Angora Rabbit

1. Housing

Due to its hollow fibred coat, the English Angora Rabbit has special requirements over other breeds. The coat is highly absorbent sucking up water like a sponge. On no circumstance should the rabbit be allowed to get wet, they are never bathed as doing so would lead to hours of work drying and de-matting.

Angora fibre is also prone to felting, something that is taken advantage of with the lovely felts that are made from its fibre. On the rabbit, however, this is disastrous causing major discomfort and skin problems.

As breeders we strive very hard to place the animal in the best hands possible, it is important that you understand the high maintenance requirements of this breed BEFORE you buy your lovely fluffy baby.

The Show English Angora is generally kept in a good sized hutch or cage with a wire floor. The floor allows droppings and urine to fall through and so keeps the bunny dry and clean. Floors need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent dirt building up. Wire floors are in fact very comfortable for the Angora. They are easy to make.

Clipped Angoras, breeding stock or pets, that are kept with their coats trimmed short, say below 3 to 4 inches long, can be bedded on a thick layer of shavings and chopped straw. I have found that if this is kept clean and dry the rabbit can stay clean, mat and stain free. Angora babies are kept on the straw until they are ready to be split into their individual cages.

The Angora rabbit cage size is an individual’s choice but needless to say the bigger the better. Like all rabbits Angoras need enrichment either by adding toys etc. and allowing them an amount of freedom. The breeding stock gets exercise in the paddock, a great way to get a mating is to allow the pair freedom in the paddock for an afternoon! The angora rabbit cage have a large with wire floor that they can stretch their legs in and get a bit of fresh air. Of course, you can have them running around the house, great fun to watch them just be careful of electrical wires.

2. Feeding

So many English Angora rabbit foods to choose from these days, where should you start? A great breeder friend told me once that one rabbit food isn’t generally any better than another but what is important to the animal is that there is consistency. This allows the gut to build the necessary environment with gut flora to utilize the food to its best advantage. I have to agree.

One thing I have always noticed is that an animal you have bred usually does better than one you have bought in no matter what age. I am convinced that this is because even as a foetus they have started to build their immune & nutrition systems to the environment that surrounds the doe. As long as you are providing a good balanced diet with the correct amounts of fibre necessary to the rabbit you should have no problems.

First, most importantly, find a reliable local supplier. There will be a time when you run low and have to make that dash to get a new sack of food so make sure they are close and have reliable stocks. Talk to your merchant who can tell you what is a good seller. You can use the Allen and Page Herb and Fibre mix. This mix is a lovely smelling and looking mix and the rabbits adore it. It also makes the rabbitry smell lovely, good for me! They are doing incredibly well on it and litters have done remarkably well on it so I am loathed to change. As well as your mix you should supply hay or a substitute. For years I have fed hay and put up with the problems it can cause.. it is not always in top condition and I have had the inevitable mite problems associated with it. Well, I am afraid enough is enough and with the incredible advances made with equestrian products in recent times, I no longer feed hay. Instead, I use a dried grass substitute. Usually Readigrass but during the period that this is not available I have been using Graze On. This is just a quality grass that has been dried and baled and has none of the problems that hay can bring. Angora rabbits look better than ever and don’t seem to miss the hay at all. I also feedstuff from the garden, primarily dandelion leaves but do not give a lot of greens or carrots etc as I found this can lead to scours which of course is the last thing you need with an Angora. The stock has lovely shiny coats, good muscle, and body mass and seems content so it’s obviously working! Obviously, water on tap is important.

3. Grooming

The major English Angora rabbits issue is care of that coat. I think the Show English Angora is probably one of the most difficult coats to care for. To present one for the show is a mammoth undertaking requiring constant attention. The coat can felt overnight during the difficult shedding period. The coat is so fragile it is very difficult to keep the fibre on the rabbit and not all over the house.

Note this is the SHOW Angora, you will find that after the first clip the coat is more manageable and if you clip fairly regularly your English Angora rabbits will be quite easy to care for. In fact, clipped Angoras do not generally need brushing between clips if the coat is only allowed to grow to 3 to 4 inches long. Of course, neglect will bring with it problems, so you do need to keep on top of the clipping and brushing.

The show coat is maintained by blowing the coat with forced air, either from a powerful hairdryer with a cool setting or a reversed vacuum cleaner. The coat is parted with air and any knots gently teased apart with the fingers. Very little brushing or combing is actually done as this tends to break or pull the coat. The idea is to keep the coat on the rabbit as near perfect as possible, it is an art. The process is really best seen first hand, ask the breeder to demonstrate. If possible have several lessons or demonstrations.

Blowing the coat should be done every day on a full coat or every other day or so if it is a good textured coat. Generally, show animals are kept in show coat for say 7-9 months before the coat starts to really shed and begin to look tatty, some longer, some sooner. Be warned you are really up against it as rabbits have a tendency to “scratch that itch” or chew that coat to get at the little morsel caught within it.

At the end of their show live, the coat is clipped and the rabbit is kept for breeding or for producing spinning fibre. In the UK Angoras are generally only shown in their first coat as this has the finest silkiest texture. On occasions, a rabbit’s second coat can be denser with more depth of color and they can make it again on the show bench as a comeback rabbit if the texture is still good.

4. Clipping

The pet English Angora rabbits can be clipped much sooner say 4 – 5 months. The second and successive coats tend to be more manageable. Slicker brushes and combs can be used to stop the coat matting and collect any loose shedding fibre. This fibre can be kept for spinning. Regular clips 3 – 4 times a year will keep the bunny in good condition. Remember the English Angora rabbits has been bred to produce fibre and that’s what it does best. Sooner or later you will have to clip to maintain a healthy animal. Once again, for the first time perhaps seek some help from the breeder. Different people have their own methods either clipping with electric clippers or using scissors. There are only a couple of clippers up to the job. The coat is so fine that many clippers just can’t cut it at all, Aesculap makes a specific Angora blade but I have found they blunt very easily and are forever clogging on the fine coat. Scissors are your best (and cheapest) bet, most commercial English Angora rabbits farms use scissors which I think proves they are still best for the job. It is very easy to nick the skin as it is so fine. Even hardened breeders manage the odd nick or two, best to cover with an antiseptic powder. It will normally heal very quickly. I will be adding photos from a clipping session soon.

Handling your rabbit thoroughly will teach you the anatomy of the English Angora rabbits and you will then know the layout of such things as teats and testicles! Once the bunny has been clipped you can spot on some ivomec, clean the ears and trim the nails and she is then ready to pop back in her hutch maybe with some straw for warmth. Of course, it is best to time your clips before the really cold weather sets in.


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Best Ideas of What to Do in Minecraft When You Are Bored

to do Minecraft Kingdom

Are you a big fan of Minecraft? Then you certainly know how entertaining and fun the game is. Playing this game is even more entertaining when you are bored. But, do you know there are actually some best ideas of what to do in Minecraft? Let’s check them out.

7 Best Ideas to Do in Minecraft

Check out the list of the cool things to do in Minecraft that should be put on your list.

1. Play Hunger Games

Yes, you have to play Hunger Games in Minecraft when you are bored. This is an excellent idea that will never get you bored. But you have to bear with other people cheating and glitch. Still, this is a very good idea that will instantly refresh your mind after you come home from your work.

2. Create Roller Coaster

Roller coaster is not also fun in the real world. It is also a fun thing to do in Minecraft. But you are not going to ride on it. Instead, you will be creating it. Yes, you will create the coolest roller coaster that will make everyone envious of your awesome roller coaster. Imagine you make a roller coaster that will bring everyone to another world. It is a super awesome idea. However, you may find it a bit difficult to get the required supplies to create it. But once you have done with it, you will be feeling so satisfied.

3. Build Lifesize Replica

What if you can make a replica of your house in the real size? Well, this idea sounds amazing already. Imagine what your family will say when they see you have successfully built the replica. They will be thinking high of you. Of course, you can decorate it in any ways you want.

4. Build The Minecraft Kingdom

This ultimate idea is one of the best things you can do in Minecraft. You will even be addicted to doing it. The good news is you can continuously build it. This way, you can add any kinds of things to make your castle the greatest castle ever. Of course, do not forget to add the secret underground cases. This will make your castle more impressive and will be looking so cool from birds’ eye.

5. Have War

Waging war is the most awesome thing you can do in Minecraft. This very cool thing allows you to blast guys with an enchanted bow, swear to his house so you can put out the fire to engulf him or watch the guys stagger blind. And of course, you will have endless chances to set houses on the fire, set traps and sorts and make tunnel wars.

6. Build Secret Underwater Glass for Hideout

Here comes another awesome idea to do in Minecraft. The secret underwater glass hideout is one of the coolest buildings that will attract so many attentions from other players. You can build it almost anywhere. For instance, you can build it at the hole’s bottom on a small island. Then, you can demolish the island. But the best location to build it is offshore. To do this, you have to drop gravel and sand to make dry space that can be dig down. Imagine having the underwater glass leading to the ocean floor. What a great way to do in Minecraft.

7. Build Volcano

Here is another idea of the best things to do in Minecraft, building a volcano. Imagine the lava pouring down on the villages and threaten the villagers. This is not a funny idea yet it is a very cool thing to do. Be creative so you can make the best volcano.

So, how do you think about those ideas on what to do in Minecraft? If you think they deserve your attention then you should be doing it right away.

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5 Best Type of Aquarium Filter You Should Know

Sponge Fish Tank Filters

Of all the equipment that you can get for your aquarium, fish tank filters are definitely the most important. You will have to accept that your fish have been taken out of their natural habitat and thrown into one that is a totally unfamiliar to them. In order to ensure that they have a chance to survive in this artificial environment, you will have to replicate the ecosystem that the fish came from.

Fish tank filters cleanse the aquarium water of mechanical, chemical and biological waste. Without them, the water would turn cloudy within a day and be too polluted for your fish even to survive a day. That is why it is crucial to select the best type of aquarium filter that is just right for you.

Selecting the filtration system for your tank is more a personal decision rather than a technical one. You can read this filters buying guide; best aquarium filter and get what you need for your tank. What you will have to consider is your budget, the amount of time you have to do maintenance tasks, the size of your fish tank, the size of fishes you keep and the location of your aquarium.

Selecting Best Aquarium Filter Types

In this post we will look at the various fish tank filters and how they will meet your own criteria.

1) Diatom Fish Tank Filters

A diatom fish tank filter uses diatomaceous earth as its filter media to filter out waste and debris from the aquarium water. While it is not as expensive as canister fish tank filters, they do cost more than other conventional filters. This is definitely the best filter that you could buy. It works for all sizes of fish tanks and any amount of fish. In terms of maintenance, diatom filters are not meant to run throughout the day like conventional filters. You would need to run it for about 2 to 3 hours at least once or twice a day.

2) Canister Fish Tank Filters

The most expensive and most efficient among conventional aquarium filters. Canister filters provide all forms of filtration outside of the fish tank and pump back clean water into the aquarium. The great thing about the canister filter is that it requires extremely little maintenance, probably once every three months or so and yet manages to keep the water pristine. That’s why the canister filter is the best type of aquarium filter today. Also, this type is ideal for larger fish tanks and for people with very little time for aquarium maintenance.

3) Hang On Fish Tank Filters

Also known as External Fish Tank Filters, these filters are hung on the outside of the fish tank and provide filtration away from the aquarium water. They are cheaper than canister filters and provide sufficient filtration for any size fish tank. But because of the power of the suction, they are more suitable for medium to big fishes. The filter media used in them is located in the body of the filter and cleaning it is just a matter of taking out the filter media and washing, without having to dip your hands in the aquarium water.

4) Sponge Fish Tank Filters

Sponge filters are usually used along with power filters but can be used alone, connected to a pump. Filtration is performed by the sponge which traps the debris as well as providing biological filtration from the colonies of beneficial bacteria that grows on the sponge itself. It is a cheap but effective form of filtration. However, it does require a lot of maintenance especially if you have a lot of fish and feed them too much. The sponge needs to be physically removed from the water and washed at least once a week. This can be a messy job and a little time consuming. It’s a great filter for smaller tanks with tiny or weakfish because the suction is not too strong.

5) Corner Fish Tank Filters

Also known as Box Filters, the filters media which usually a sponge is inside a box that sits inside the fish tank in a corner. Not an efficient filter, it gets dirty fast and needs to be maintained a lot or else it will back up the waste matter into the aquarium water. Only consider it if you really cannot afford any other filter. Not at all suitable for a medium or large fish tank.

To know more about best aquarium filter in 2019, visit

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Learning About Easy Hobbies Is simple Using this Article

jet ski

Have you been considering taking up a pastime in the home but do not know exactly where to begin? Probably you’ve been considering such as easy hobbies with the family inside of a new venture? Whichever it is, the next short article provides a selection of excellent tips on awesome hobbies that any person can use inside their search for an ideal interest.

In the event, you are trying to find a pastime you’ll be able to enjoy as you are traveling the world, give scuba an attempt. You can try awesome hobbies like scuba diving. You obtain to love an underwater environment that couple men and women ever have the opportunity to see. Furthermore, you will get somewhat physical exercise and spend time with some real men and women as well.

A person of your benefits of some hobbies is investing time with some others who share same pursuits as yours. Come across groups all around you, or online that share your interest. It is a fantastic way to make mates, socialize, so you may even get recommendations on whatever your pastime might be.

Feel about how you’ll be able to development with any passion you undertake. Once you are actually carrying out your passion for your, though, it’d begin to feel uninteresting except you hunt for solutions to recover really. Regardless if you are knitting or sailing, there is a completely new amount you’ll be able to attain, so intention for it.

Does one get pleasure from football? If that’s the case, consider earning this your passion. You don’t need to enjoy the game to delight in the pastime of fantasy soccer. Get a gaggle of close friends, pick your teams and observe their performances all through the time.

If reading through is your passion of alternative, you may know how high-priced publications could be to get. Why don’t you looking at investing in an e-reader device? Electronic books tend to be much less expensive to obtain the paper versions. Moreover, many libraries now lends electronic textbooks too. You may sustain with the hottest releases at a portion in the price tag.

Put aside time for the interest. Lots of people desire they had additional time and energy to commit with their hobbies, even so, the truth of the matter is usually that you simply ought to find time for it. Put your hobby inside your plan for the beginning of your seven days, and operate all over it as much as you can.

Should you desire to have a new hobby which can assist you to lose some fat, you can begin exercising. Pick a workout you love, these as running or swimming, then commence performing it more often. This combination interest will keep you fit and active.

Should you would like to produce a hobby that offers you a lot more time with buddies, family and neighbors, take into consideration internet hosting a concept party, match night or card occasion. This could supply you with a chance to socialize and establish new interactions. Stay clear of putting as well considerably pressure on by yourself. These kinds of gatherings really should be fun and calming.

A great pastime to get is biking. There’s a rush you can find by getting your bicycle out and just pedaling out in nature. It’s a large amount of enjoyable and you may also get a seriously excellent exercise routine in as well. All you require is often a bicycle and also you just head out to the path.

Make a dedication towards your passion of selection. Certainly, hobbies are for down time, but that doesn’t indicate you shouldn’t agenda it into your life. You simply get better at hobbies whenever you observe the skills concerned. That means you’ll want to be dedicated and constant in the way you solution it.

Following examining the above post the thing is the number of hobbies, there are that may be plenty of entertaining. Straightforward to get started on hobbies which may contain the complete household is a fantastic way to move some time at home. Make use of the guidelines below that will help you with your quest to share pleasurable hobbies while using the spouse and children.

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