Guest Posting

Since I’ve been getting several offers of guest posts, I thought I’d set out the criteria for acceptance here.

Guest Post Guideline for

  1. Quality is must need, Only Fresh content we can accepted.
  2. Article must be 100% unique (passed by copyscape) and relevant to the content.
  3. Our blog site is dedicated to users who are interested in Blogging, Gaming, Internet, Hobbies, Pets. We are looking out for content relevant to the same.
  4. Your article must contain 700 words or more and also relevant images ( copyrighted images are not accepted ).
  5. Links added in article must be relevant to the content and it should not be affiliate links, or links focusing to sell products.
  6. You can also link to previous articles on and also add other relevant outbound links.
  7. No links in first paragraph of article.
  8. has right to change content of article for SEO adjustments.
  9. We don’t accept articles related Porn, Illegal, Gambling, against someone or something reputation and dark web content.
  10. We check out and take decision before publishing and it may be rejected.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Once your article gets published here, you can’t publish it on other blogs even on your personal blog, or your published article will be deleted.

If you are ready as per our guest post guideline,don’t feel hesitate to inbox at [email protected] or contact us here.