Best Ideas of What to Do in Minecraft When You Are Bored

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Are you a big fan of Minecraft? Then you certainly know how entertaining and fun the game is. Playing this game is even more entertaining when you are bored. But, do you know there are actually some best ideas of what to do in Minecraft? Let’s check them out.

7 Best Ideas to Do in Minecraft

Check out the list of the cool things to do in Minecraft that should be put on your list.

1. Play Hunger Games

Yes, you have to play Hunger Games in Minecraft when you are bored. This is an excellent idea that will never get you bored. But you have to bear with other people cheating and glitch. Still, this is a very good idea that will instantly refresh your mind after you come home from your work.

2. Create Roller Coaster

Roller coaster is not also fun in the real world. It is also a fun thing to do in Minecraft. But you are not going to ride on it. Instead, you will be creating it. Yes, you will create the coolest roller coaster that will make everyone envious of your awesome roller coaster. Imagine you make a roller coaster that will bring everyone to another world. It is a super awesome idea. However, you may find it a bit difficult to get the required supplies to create it. But once you have done with it, you will be feeling so satisfied.

3. Build Lifesize Replica

What if you can make a replica of your house in the real size? Well, this idea sounds amazing already. Imagine what your family will say when they see you have successfully built the replica. They will be thinking high of you. Of course, you can decorate it in any ways you want.

4. Build The Minecraft Kingdom

This ultimate idea is one of the best things you can do in Minecraft. You will even be addicted to doing it. The good news is you can continuously build it. This way, you can add any kinds of things to make your castle the greatest castle ever. Of course, do not forget to add the secret underground cases. This will make your castle more impressive and will be looking so cool from birds’ eye.

5. Have War

Waging war is the most awesome thing you can do in Minecraft. This very cool thing allows you to blast guys with an enchanted bow, swear to his house so you can put out the fire to engulf him or watch the guys stagger blind. And of course, you will have endless chances to set houses on the fire, set traps and sorts and make tunnel wars.

6. Build Secret Underwater Glass for Hideout

Here comes another awesome idea to do in Minecraft. The secret underwater glass hideout is one of the coolest buildings that will attract so many attentions from other players. You can build it almost anywhere. For instance, you can build it at the hole’s bottom on a small island. Then, you can demolish the island. But the best location to build it is offshore. To do this, you have to drop gravel and sand to make dry space that can be dig down. Imagine having the underwater glass leading to the ocean floor. What a great way to do in Minecraft.

7. Build Volcano

Here is another idea of the best things to do in Minecraft, building a volcano. Imagine the lava pouring down on the villages and threaten the villagers. This is not a funny idea yet it is a very cool thing to do. Be creative so you can make the best volcano.

So, how do you think about those ideas on what to do in Minecraft? If you think they deserve your attention then you should be doing it right away.

Russell / January 7, 2017 / Hobbies

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