How to Use a Record Player Correctly

Use a Record Player

For average music listeners, they consider the vinyl or turntable record as just a big old piece of junk that doesn’t have a place anywhere in the house anymore. However, there are a lot of other people are still into it. There seems to be a new trend among ‘stans’ (overzealous fans) that show appreciation toward this record player and take so much pleasure in listening to their favorite songs on vinyl. In this modern era, this thing holds a certain almost aesthetic-like element and has a retro vibe to it. Learn how to use a record player if you are interested or in fact, just bought one for yourself.

A Record Player Body Parts

When learning how to do something, one must get acquainted with the object first and this applies to when you are learning how to use a record player too. Here are the main things that most record player models have:

  • Stop and start button to play and stop the music
  • Cueing lever to put down or lift when holding the tonearm in place.
  • A memo-repeat knob to tell you the number of times the albums are repeated.
  • Speed selector to ensure the record player is set correctly. A 12-inch vinyl plays at 33 rpm (revolution per minute) while 7-inch vinyl plays at 45 rpm although there are also some 12-inch models that are performed at this speed.
  • Record size selector to help the tonearm fits the right size of the record.
  • Pitch control to adjust the pitch tempo to get the original studio version of the record. This is because some vinyl albums come with differently weird pitches or sound where a man sounds like a girl.

Using a Record Player

With a few buttons and one needle that points out, some people can easily get confused especially if they have never touched a vinyl before. Here is how you can get it to work:

  • Set up the record player. It’s heavy and can break so put it in a secure location.
  • Open the dust cover. It’s the wooden top attached to hinges and rest on the build in prop bar so it can be up.
  • Take the record out of the case. Use a tissue or a pair of gloves because if you touch the surface by your hands it can get damaged. Then put your record on the vinyl as long as the middle of the metal bar slides through the center of the record’s hole.
  • Plug the turntable into a power source to turn it on. Different models have different “ON” switch. It can be on the front or center of the box or even near the volume knob.
  • Choose a speed you like. Then, move the needle by putting it on the track you want to play. Where a new track starts is visible on the surface because of the pronounced grooves at various points. Longer songs have deeper grooves and do it slowly and gently over the record to put it in the record’s the outermost part. Then, simply drop the needle and use the small lever to press down. Do all of this carefully so you don’t break your record.
  • After you’ve done listening to your favorite record then turn up the record player. To do this, lift the stylus off the record gently. You will be aided in pushing the needle up and turn it off by the lever at the needle base.

Now that you know how to use a record player, you need to maintain this thing well. Always keep the dust off the vinyl and its needle so it won’t produce muddled sounds and scratching. Never skip all those necessary steps when using the turntable in order to preserve the equipment.

About The Author

I’m Edy Barnes is the author of Under Budget Pro. I enjoy sharing all of my knowledge to helps people to find the best think within their budget. I also write Top 10 Best Record Player Under $100 on my blog.

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How Far Can a Skunk Spray to Get You Sprayed?

how far can a skunk spray

Have you ever wondered how far a skunk spray? This interesting question will give you an interesting answer as well. Well, this small animal apparently has great control over his spray. It can reach up to 10 feet distance. The spray that the skunk produces basically comes from its anal glands which are found underneath its tail. And you know what? The skunk doesn’t use its spray for offensive action. Instead, it uses the spray for a defensive situation. So, it only sprays when it feels cornered or threatened by its enemy. Let’s learn about the spray mechanism of this animal and anything more about its nature.

Skunks are nocturnal animals, that means they will search for food at night and sleep in dens lined with leaves during the day. Before a skunk releases its spray, it usually gives warning to its enemy by stomping its front feet on ground, hissing, raising the tails and squealing. When the enemy doesn’t have the urge to attack skunk and decides to leave, then the skunk will not release its spray. However, when the enemy insists on attacking or threatening skunk, it will release the spray. Do you wonder how many times can a skunk spray? Skunk can usually release up to 8 stingy sprays. Even the baby skunks can already spray even though they haven’t opened their eyes yet. So, spraying is a part of the skunk’s nature.

Despite not being harmful, the scent of the spray will last for few days. It can also give burning sensation in the mouth, nose and also eyes. This apparently has made a lot of predators reluctant to make an attack on skunk unless they cannot find other food to eat. So, the skunk is the last option to attack for eating.

Nature of A Skunk’s Spray

  • Skunk’s stripes point out its sprayers location – You may ever wonder to where the skunk’s stripes point to. Well, you may have guessed it right. The stripes point out the location of the sprayers’ location. Its stripes are positioned perfectly to highlight its ability to spray any potential threats or enemy. Although still, the skunk prefers not to spray unless in an urgent situation.
  • Smelly spray for nocturnal – Do you ever wonder why skunk develops spray as a defense mechanism instead of another mechanism? Well, here is the answer. Skunk is a nocturnal mammal. The nocturnal animal doesn’t face as many dangers as the animals awake during the day. So, a skunk is less vulnerable to attacks. This is the reason why their defense mechanism is not deadly. Since it is considered an individual animal, it is also at fewer risks for terrestrial attacks.
  • Flammable skunk spray – You may not even know that the spray coming from the skunk is highly flammable. Well, so many people are not aware of this. That is because the skunk contains certain chemical weapon known as thiols. Thiols are sulfur-based compounds that are usually found in onions and garlic. And it is as flammable as alcohol. So, make sure you do not get close to fire if you happened to get sprayed by a skunk.

Suppose you have just been accidentally sprayed by a skunk, you should know the right skunk spray removal. So, you know that simply water and soap cannot get rid of it. Instead, you have to use certain kind of chemical substance. In this case, what you need are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix these two substances with water and then rub it on your clothes. For better result, soak the clothes in the mixture of these two substances and leave for an hour or so before washing it with detergent. Well, hopefully, your question about how far can a skunk spray has been answered with the explanation above.

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Best Ideas of What to Do in Minecraft When You Are Bored

to do Minecraft Kingdom

Are you a big fan of Minecraft? Then you certainly know how entertaining and fun the game is. Playing this game is even more entertaining when you are bored. But, do you know there are actually some best ideas of what to do in Minecraft? Let’s check them out.

7 Best Ideas to Do in Minecraft

Check out the list of the cool things to do in Minecraft that should be put on your list.

1. Play Hunger Games

Yes, you have to play Hunger Games in Minecraft when you are bored. This is an excellent idea that will never get you bored. But you have to bear with other people cheating and glitch. Still, this is a very good idea that will instantly refresh your mind after you come home from your work.

2. Create Roller Coaster

Roller coaster is not also fun in the real world. It is also a fun thing to do in Minecraft. But you are not going to ride on it. Instead, you will be creating it. Yes, you will create the coolest roller coaster that will make everyone envious of your awesome roller coaster. Imagine you make a roller coaster that will bring everyone to another world. It is a super awesome idea. However, you may find it a bit difficult to get the required supplies to create it. But once you have done with it, you will be feeling so satisfied.

3. Build Lifesize Replica

What if you can make a replica of your house in the real size? Well, this idea sounds amazing already. Imagine what your family will say when they see you have successfully built the replica. They will be thinking high of you. Of course, you can decorate it in any ways you want.

4. Build The Minecraft Kingdom

This ultimate idea is one of the best things you can do in Minecraft. You will even be addicted to doing it. The good news is you can continuously build it. This way, you can add any kinds of things to make your castle the greatest castle ever. Of course, do not forget to add the secret underground cases. This will make your castle more impressive and will be looking so cool from birds’ eye.

5. Have War

Waging war is the most awesome thing you can do in Minecraft. This very cool thing allows you to blast guys with an enchanted bow, swear to his house so you can put out the fire to engulf him or watch the guys stagger blind. And of course, you will have endless chances to set houses on the fire, set traps and sorts and make tunnel wars.

6. Build Secret Underwater Glass for Hideout

Here comes another awesome idea to do in Minecraft. The secret underwater glass hideout is one of the coolest buildings that will attract so many attentions from other players. You can build it almost anywhere. For instance, you can build it at the hole’s bottom on a small island. Then, you can demolish the island. But the best location to build it is offshore. To do this, you have to drop gravel and sand to make dry space that can be dig down. Imagine having the underwater glass leading to the ocean floor. What a great way to do in Minecraft.

7. Build Volcano

Here is another idea of the best things to do in Minecraft, building a volcano. Imagine the lava pouring down on the villages and threaten the villagers. This is not a funny idea yet it is a very cool thing to do. Be creative so you can make the best volcano.

So, how do you think about those ideas on what to do in Minecraft? If you think they deserve your attention then you should be doing it right away.

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5 Best Type of Aquarium Filter You Should Know

Sponge Fish Tank Filters

Of all the equipment that you can get for your aquarium, fish tank filters are definitely the most important. You will have to accept that your fish have been taken out of their natural habitat and thrown into one that is a totally unfamiliar to them. In order to ensure that they have a chance to survive in this artificial environment, you will have to replicate the ecosystem that the fish came from.

Fish tank filters cleanse the aquarium water of mechanical, chemical and biological waste. Without them, the water would turn cloudy within a day and be too polluted for your fish even to survive a day. That is why it is crucial to select the best type of aquarium filter that is just right for you.

Selecting the filtration system for your tank is more a personal decision rather than a technical one. You can read this filters buying guide to find the best aquarium filter and get what you need for your tank. What you will have to consider is your budget, the amount of time you have to do maintenance tasks, the size of your fish tank, the size of fishes you keep and the location of your aquarium.

Selecting Best Aquarium Filter Types

In this post we will look at the various fish tank filters and how they will meet your own criteria.

1) Diatom Fish Tank Filters

A diatom fish tank filter uses diatomaceous earth as its filter media to filter out waste and debris from the aquarium water. While it is not as expensive as canister fish tank filters, they do cost more than other conventional filters. This is definitely the best filter that you could buy. It works for all sizes of fish tanks and any amount of fish. In terms of maintenance, diatom filters are not meant to run throughout the day like conventional filters. You would need to run it for about 2 to 3 hours at least once or twice a day.

2) Canister Fish Tank Filters

The most expensive and most efficient among conventional aquarium filters. Canister filters provide all forms of filtration outside of the fish tank and pump back clean water into the aquarium. The great thing about the canister filter is that it requires extremely little maintenance, probably once every three months or so and yet manages to keep the water pristine. That’s why the canister filter is the best type of aquarium filter today. Also, this type is ideal for larger fish tanks and for people with very little time for aquarium maintenance.

3) Hang On Fish Tank Filters

Also known as External Fish Tank Filters, these filters are hung on the outside of the fish tank and provide filtration away from the aquarium water. They are cheaper than canister filters and provide sufficient filtration for any size fish tank. But because of the power of the suction, they are more suitable for medium to big fishes. The filter media used in them is located in the body of the filter and cleaning it is just a matter of taking out the filter media and washing, without having to dip your hands in the aquarium water.

4) Sponge Fish Tank Filters

Sponge filters are usually used along with power filters but can be used alone, connected to a pump. Filtration is performed by the sponge which traps the debris as well as providing biological filtration from the colonies of beneficial bacteria that grows on the sponge itself. It is a cheap but effective form of filtration. However, it does require a lot of maintenance especially if you have a lot of fish and feed them too much. The sponge needs to be physically removed from the water and washed at least once a week. This can be a messy job and a little time consuming. It’s a great filter for smaller tanks with tiny or weakfish because the suction is not too strong.

5) Corner Fish Tank Filters

Also known as Box Filters, the filters media which usually a sponge is inside a box that sits inside the fish tank in a corner. Not an efficient filter, it gets dirty fast and needs to be maintained a lot or else it will back up the waste matter into the aquarium water. Only consider it if you really cannot afford any other filter. Not at all suitable for a medium or large fish tank.

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Learning About Easy Hobbies Is simple Using this Article

jet ski

Have you been considering taking up a pastime in the home but do not know exactly where to begin? Probably you’ve been considering such as easy hobbies with the family inside of a new venture? Whichever it is, the next short article provides a selection of excellent tips on awesome hobbies that any person can use inside their search for an ideal interest.

In the event, you are trying to find a pastime you’ll be able to enjoy as you are traveling the world, give scuba an attempt. You can try awesome hobbies like scuba diving. You obtain to love an underwater environment that couple men and women ever have the opportunity to see. Furthermore, you will get somewhat physical exercise and spend time with some real men and women as well.

A person of your benefits of some hobbies is investing time with some others who share same pursuits as yours. Come across groups all around you, or online that share your interest. It is a fantastic way to make mates, socialize, so you may even get recommendations on whatever your pastime might be.

Feel about how you’ll be able to development with any passion you undertake. Once you are actually carrying out your passion for your, though, it’d begin to feel uninteresting except you hunt for solutions to recover really. Regardless if you are knitting or sailing, there is a completely new amount you’ll be able to attain, so intention for it.

Does one get pleasure from football? If that’s the case, consider earning this your passion. You don’t need to enjoy the game to delight in the pastime of fantasy soccer. Get a gaggle of close friends, pick your teams and observe their performances all through the time.

If reading through is your passion of alternative, you may know how high-priced publications could be to get. Why don’t you looking at investing in an e-reader device? Electronic books tend to be much less expensive to obtain the paper versions. Moreover, many libraries now lends electronic textbooks too. You may sustain with the hottest releases at a portion in the price tag.

Put aside time for the interest. Lots of people desire they had additional time and energy to commit with their hobbies, even so, the truth of the matter is usually that you simply ought to find time for it. Put your hobby inside your plan for the beginning of your seven days, and operate all over it as much as you can.

Should you desire to have a new hobby which can assist you to lose some fat, you can begin exercising. Pick a workout you love, these as running or swimming, then commence performing it more often. This combination interest will keep you fit and active.

Should you would like to produce a hobby that offers you a lot more time with buddies, family and neighbors, take into consideration internet hosting a concept party, match night or card occasion. This could supply you with a chance to socialize and establish new interactions. Stay clear of putting as well considerably pressure on by yourself. These kinds of gatherings really should be fun and calming.

A great pastime to get is biking. There’s a rush you can find by getting your bicycle out and just pedaling out in nature. It’s a large amount of enjoyable and you may also get a seriously excellent exercise routine in as well. All you require is often a bicycle and also you just head out to the path.

Make a dedication towards your passion of selection. Certainly, hobbies are for down time, but that doesn’t indicate you shouldn’t agenda it into your life. You simply get better at hobbies whenever you observe the skills concerned. That means you’ll want to be dedicated and constant in the way you solution it.

Following examining the above post the thing is the number of hobbies, there are that may be plenty of entertaining. Straightforward to get started on hobbies which may contain the complete household is a fantastic way to move some time at home. Make use of the guidelines below that will help you with your quest to share pleasurable hobbies while using the spouse and children.

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